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The Click & Grow Smart Garden app will give you support, tips and make your garden more fun along the way. By activating your plants in the app, you can get in touch with customer support in no time and also receive tips to make sure your plants are doing exactly as they should.

Please note that these instructions are for the iOS app but there's also an Android version available and we're currently working on its instructions.


Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download the app by searching the keywords “Click & Grow” on appstore or download it directly via this link if you’re browsing with your iPhone:
  1. Activate your account/Sign up using your e-mail (recommended) or connect with Facebook. You should receive a verification e-mail to the same e-mail address you used to sign up. Log in your mailbox, find the e-mail, verify your e-mail address and log in! You’re good to go!

In the rare case you didn’t receive the verification e-mail, repeat the process. If you still don’t receive the e-mail, contact

  1. Select the right garden:
  • If this is your first Smart Herb Garden: Choose the Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit and three basil plants will appear in your app by default. Name your Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit and give creative names to your plants too. Press done and the plants will appear in your feed.


  • If you already own a Smart Herb Garden and want to activate your new plant capsules: Choose the Smart Herb Garden (without the starter kit extension) and add the specific plants you have started growing. The app will ask you which plants you want to add. You should scroll through the list until you find the correct ones. Are you growing three chilies? Or rather a wild strawberry, tomato and mimosa simultaneously? Pick the plants from the list and customize as you wish. All plants will appear in your timeline. Name them, press done and your plants are activated!



Activating plants via QR codes:

Click & Grow refills come with stickers that have printed QR codes on them. This is to help you activate your plants easily. If you wish to activate new plants, open the app and you’ll notice the small green “+” symbol at the upper right corner. The app will give you an option to either scan the QR codes or add the plants manually. Choose the suitable option and name your new plants.

Happy Click & Growing!


Overview of features:



  • Notifications and Tips & Tricks will be sent to you every once in a while to make sure your plants are doing as they should. You’ll receive push notifications to make sure you know how you can make your plants produce even more or stay fresh for longer. The tips will be accessible via a specialized panel accessible by clicking on the light bulb icon. You’ll also receive watering notifications to make sure you don’t forget to fill the water tank every once in a while.


  • Deleting a plant: When you want to delete a plant you have to “archive” them. You can do so by going to the Settings feature on the plant you want to delete. Press the option “Archive” and plants will be removed from your plant feed. They will remain below the feed for 14 days after which they will be removed from the app completely.





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  • Avatar
    Kay sully

    Do I have to have the app for my garden to work?

  • Avatar

    Hi Kay! Nope, the app is just an extra value for the garden but you can have a full experience even without it :)

  • Avatar
    Triin Kruus

    Hi! There is a list of plants on app, but no spruce one, also it's not regognize the QR code. Will it be added soon?

  • Avatar

    Hi Triin,

    Thanks for pointing it out! It's a brand new plant so it will take a little time but we're expecting to have it there by the end of next week :)

  • Avatar
    Noah Betz

    Hi Laura,

    I still do not see a timelaspse for the spruse tree.


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