What to do if I have the wrong power adapter?


We are producing the Smart Herb Gardens only with US and EU type of plugs. For example, if you're from UK you have received EU type of plug. In order to start using the Smart Herb Garden, you will need to purchase an adaptor to start using it. Here's how an adaptor looks like:

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    Glenn Elliott

    That's not the right adapter guys - that is an adapter for a device with a European plug on the end of a cable. But your device has a plug mounted power supply so that's the wrong picture. You need a different looking adapter

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    Dear Glenn,

    Thank you for your comment!
    Sorry for the confusion! We have updated the picture accordingly.

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    Unfortunately, I live in Singapore but received an incomplete Switching Adapter SDA 12CA 12 with no adapter what so ever. Only the power socket attached to the Click and Grow Unit.

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