All you need to know about the Smart Flowerbed


Setting up your Flowerbed is easy and can be done by following these steps:

  • Remove the lids.
  • Put in 4 AA batteries.
  • The light starts to blink blue.
  • Pour in water until the maximum level (it's marked with red).
  • Now the green light starts to blink.

The green light will blink frequently for 1 minute after inserting the batteries and water. After that, the green light starts to blink once in every five minutes.

Please make sure that the germination lens (transparent lid) is on.

It is needed for the seeds to sprout, the lens covers the refill to create the "greenhouse effect" for the plants to kickstart their growth. 

We suggest you keep the lens on until you start seeing sprouts.


Panel lights of the Smart Flowerbed


Green light
After setting up your device, the green light blinks frequently during 1 minute. After that the green light blinks once in every 5 minutes. This shows that your plant is OK. There is no need to add water or change batteries.

Blue light
If the blue light blinks, that means the flower is thirsty. Fill the water reservoir with good quality tap or bottled water up to the indicated water level mark. A turned on (not blinking) blue light indicates software malfunction. Please contact our support team.

Red light
A blinking red light shows that it is time to change the batteries. Please use 1.5V AA batteries.

Yellow light
Please check if the cartridge is correctly in place. Try removing the batteries for one minute.
If the yellow light is still on, please contact our support team.

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